Garage Sale on CraigslistOne quick and easy way to make some extra money is to have a garage sale.

Rather than getting up early Saturday morning,  setting up a table,  and waiting for people to show up,  why not have a virtual garage sale on Craigslist!


How do you have a virtual garage sale?

There will be some work involved in order to be effective,  but if done right it is worth it.

When people go to a garage sale,  they will look around, touch and feel things looking for that special something that will catch their attention.

For a virtual garage sale,  you have to touch and feel for them.  You do that by providing a description of the item and a clear photograph.


Required Elements of a Craigslist Ad

Required Elements of a Craigslist Ad

Required Elements of a Craigslist Ad

There are 2 elements to the description.  First is a short specific title and the second is a more detailed description.

It is the title that people will see first because that is what they will be searching for.

For instance, let’s say I was going to sell my favourite swivel rocker. I would need to craft a title that indicates what it is and what brand it is. In this case it is a kroehler swivel rocker.

This is the kind of the specific detail that will attract the attention of the right buyer. Keep it short and specific.

The second part of the description goes into more detail.

This is where you can describe other important details, including price.

For my example I could say “Well used and still in good shape. I got it 2nd hand as a college student some 30 years ago. I am willing to part with it for $150.00. Please call to arrange time to pickup.”

Since you now have their attention, you can give more detail.


The Photograph for Your Craigslist Ad

swivel rocker in bad lighting and good lighting

swivel rocker in bad lighting and good lighting

The photograph should be done in the best light possible. For my swivel rocker, the 1st photo was not bright or clear enough, so I got a flood light to provide extra light.

It is best if you can take several photos from various angles. It is just as if someone were there in person taking a look at it, they want to see it from various angles.

As with any garage sale,  your potential buyer will want to know how much you are wanting for this item.  Be sure to include a price in the body of the description.


Safety First

Before you go to Craigslist to post your ad,  there are a few more details you will need to seriously consider.

How will your prospective buyer contact you?
If you can,  it is best to avoid using your home phone# in the ad.  If you have an alternate phone# or a cell phone#,  it would be better than using your home phone#.

How this item will be delivered to the buyer?
Will you meet with them at a safe neutral location?  Will you be delivering it to their home?  Will they be coming to your home to pick it up?


A Little Help from a Friend

Craigslist Ad ready to Publish

Craigslist Ad ready to Publish

With a physical garage sale,  you will tend to have 1 or 2 other people with you during the day.  It is also held out in the open,  where other people can also be witnesses if something should happen.  This provides a degree of safety.

However,  with a virtual garage sale you do not have these naturally existing safety conditions in place.  So you have to create your own safe conditions.  The best advice here is to have a trusted friend with you whenever you are meeting with your buyer.  Expect that they too will have a friend with them!

btw, I could not part with my swivel rocker yet,  so this ad never did get published.

However,  you may have a story or a comment to share,  please do so by leaving a comment below.

all the best,