I have always been intrigued by World Wide Web.

I have also been rather frustrated.


The Intrigue:

For me,  creating a website has been a challenge I have enjoyed.  Over the years I have created several different websites for various purposes.   During that time the tools to do so have gotten better and the process much easier.

It used to be

  • that you had to have the software installed on your computer,
  • that you had to code things yourself,
  • that you had to have other software to upload the files to the website.

After all that, you then had to hope that everything worked on the website like it did when programing on your own computer.

Little wonder that people were intimidated by the thought of building their own website.

I enjoyed the challenge and learned many useful things that I still use today.

The good news is that the tools that are available today make the work of creating a website so much easier — anyone can do it!


The Frustration:

Try as I might,  and I did try a few different programs and systems,  I could never make money online.

I could see other people doing it,  but it never worked for me.


Now I know why

These other programs were good in what they offered,  but they were incomplete.

There was always something missing from the instructions.


The Solution that I found

Wealthy Affiliate is different in that even if something were missing in the instructions,  there is a community of support to help fill in the blanks.

You have access to:

  • the tools to create your own website
  • the training to know what to put on your website
  • and the support to help you along the way

Anyone can build a website.  And we can help you do it.

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