Vimy Flight 1917 - 2017

Vimy Flight, is a grass-roots organization with a passion for First World War aviation history. They are a highly experienced group of ex-military pilots with combined flying experience of over 230,000 hours. The concept of Vimy Flight and a formation flying demonstration team began with four key members almost 8-years ago. As they delighted crowds with their air and ground displays, an idea evolved for participating in a momentous celebration in 2017.
– CPAC Special: A Nation Soars – Flight Path of Heroes

The Mission:
  • A historic First World War biplane tour commemorating the First World War
  • Appearing in Vimy, France for the 100th anniversary of The Battle of Vimy Ridge on April 9th 2017
  • Developing a plan to tour across Canada in the Summer of 2017


Vimy Flight Promo


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CPAC Special: A Nation Soars – Drawn to Victory

Aviation, at the start of the First World War in 1914, evolved from being viewed as an unnecessary novelty to an integral strategic asset that gathered intelligence behind enemy lines. Drawn To Victory tells the little-known story of how thousands of Canadian pilots and Canadian topographic surveyors contributed to the past century’s greatest map renaissance.


CPAC Special: A Nation Soars – Wings of Courage

Aviation experiences a massive technological and tactical progression during the course of the First World War that forever changes the nature of warfare. Wings of Courage showcases the various roles Canada’s early aviators played through the moving profiles of five notable Canadian pilots..


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Vimy Flight at the AGM of the Air Cadet League of Canada!


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Vimy Flight Tribute


Vimy Flight Courtenay Airpark 28Sep2016


Vimy Flight in the Air!


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Vimy Flight Story


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Vimy Flight in the News!
News Videos:

==> Replica planes take flight for Vimy centennial

A group of pilots will commemorate the anniversary with a special fly-over in replica aircraft, and practice has already begun


News Articles:

==> Replica WWI planes on track for 100th anniversary flight over Vimy Ridge

Volunteers built two replica Sopwith Pups at Canadian Museum of Flight in Langley, B.C.


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