In a couple of previous posts we have explored an exercise to create a vivid picture in your imagination.

The first step is to create a vivid picture in your imagination.

The next step is to practice seeing yourself acting and re-acting appropriately, successfully, and ideally!

Then comes the payoff.

For every action there is an equal and opposite re-action.

photo credit: Autorun! via photopin cc

photo credit: Autorun! via photopin cc

In this case — if you stick with it — over time you will find yourself acting differently in the real world.

It will be automatic and spontaeous — without even trying.

What you have been practicing in secret will eventually show up in public for others to see!

Give this exercise more than just a try.

It does require discipline and persistence.

But NOT force.

Just relax into it.

It is all happening in your imagination.

This is where we create our lives.

The neat thing is — if we create our lives — we can change our lives too!

Just do it in your imagination and it will show up in the outside world.

Please share in the comments below how you imagined something first and then saw The PayOff later!

all the best,


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