Do you ever struggle with your affirmations?

I am serious.

Are your affirmations just quaint little feel good sayings that you say to yourself, or are they your heartfelt desires that you struggle with?

Using my own experience for an example, up until recently, my affirmations were cute and simple.

Through a friend and coach I was given a new affirmation to work with.

This one I struggled with.

I fought it.

Through this affirmation I was saying some stuff to myself that, although I knew consciously, it just totally fought with my internal being and was a real struggle.

It was true wrestling, I was wrestling with myself!

wrestling match

photo credit: jrsachs via photopin cc

There were times I just totally resisted doing the affirmation.

I just did not want to.

But, I did stick with it.

And then there was a breakthrough.

Something inside finally gave way and my thinking on a couple of topics changed.

Do you struggle with your affirmations?

If your affirmation is one that — you consciously know is true but it just does not feel true for you — stick with it.

Once you break through, once the affirmation get through that barrier, it will be a precious time!

Just something to think about.

No matter what it is that you may be struggling with, my wish for you is that when you Struggle with your Affirmation that you Succeed!

Please share your affirmation story in the comments below!

all the best,


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