Sticks and Stones may break my bones — 4 Comments

    • Hi Kinya,

      not sure this is the kind of experiment we can do at home, I think Dr Emoto had a lab with powerful equipment to be able to get the kind of results they were looking for

      let us know if you do get any results!

      all the best,

  1. So true Derrall about the power of words. It’s also reflected in some of the spiritual teachings of “word” being the vibrational energy force behind all creation. On a more practical level, written word can also be a poor communication tool because people can take a very different meaning than we intended. So often it’s better to have the face to face interaction where body language comes into play as well.

    • thank you Steve M for your kind words,

      had never taken time to consider how weak the written word can be compared to the spoken word — they are both very powerful, though the relative strength is in the other components of communication, such as voice inflection and body movement

      appreciate the additional insight!

      all the best,