Have you ever had a secret desire for something and then have the pleasant surprise that your desire has been fulfilled?

For years I have wanted to celebrate ringing in the New Year in Niagara Falls.

Can you imagine the scene? The magisty of the falls lit up at night and the blaze of fireworks as they light up the night sky.

But there is one more element, I want to do it from the comfort of a hotel room overlooking the falls.

It was not New Years Eve, but my wife & I did enjoy such an event!

For us, it was a special getaway to celebrate our anniversary.

We had a comfortable room that overlooked the falls, and unknown to us, every Friday night there is a fireworks display!

We are fascinated by waterfalls and we are enchanted by fireworks. Bring them together and this was truly a pleasant surprise.

Please share your own “pleasant surprise” experience in the comments below.

All the best,



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