I am in the midst of an experiment with affirmations.

There is a thought pattern, that is deeply embedded in me, that I am working on changing.

It is a thought pattern in regards to money, or more accurately, the lack of money.

Having written about affirmations and having used them in a general way, this is the first time I have a clear objective to reach.

The affirmation that is being used is:

I am so happy and grateful now that
I am Blessed with Abundance
and the money I need comes to me on time.
I am deserving of all that I desire

For this experiment, there are some steps that that I am going through on a consistent basis.

The 1st step is preparation.

reflection in mirror

reflection in mirror

To prepare myself for this time, I go into a bathroom, close the door, and stand in front of the mirror.

Then I pause.

The purpose is to bring myself into the present moment.

I then take 3 deep breaths.

Each breath is inhaled through my nostrils, held it for a second or two, then exhaled through my mouth.

I also have started putting my hands over my heart and closing my eyes as I do the deep breathing.

Any other thoughts or concerns going on at this time — I want to release them.

I want to come fully into this present moment.

The 2nd step is to speak the affirmation.

I want to look myself in the eye.

Since it is not possible to look squarely into both eyes at the same time, I have developed the habit of looking into one eye at a time.

I tend to start with the right eye and go through my affirmation speaking and looking into the refection of my right eye.

Then I shift my attention to the left eye and speak my affirmation into my left eye.

That in itself could be enough.

However, I then come back to my right eye, speak my affirmation, shift to the left eye, speak my affirmation.

In doing this I have spoken my affirmation out loud 4 times over, 2 time into each eye.

I have also added some jestures along the way.

And then to close out this step, I look again into the right eye, inhale deeply through the nostrils, exhale through my mouth and repeat the process looking into my left eye.

Now onto the 3rd step.

Now I go to my desk and write out my affirmation.

My intention is that over the course of the day to write it out at least 100 times.

In this particular case, I am writing it out in sets of 3 and tend to do either 4 or 6 sets of 3 at any given time to reach a total of 36 sets over the course of the day.

I also set a timer, to remind me when it is time to go through the entire 3 step process again.

On a typical day this process may be repeated either 9 or 6 times (depending on whether 4 or 6 sets are being done).

I am in the midst of this.

My intention is to do this for at least 30 days consecutive without missing a day.

In the process of this experiment, I have missed a couple of days, so I started over at day zero.

As I continue through this experiment, I will provide some updates.

For now, it is a work in progress!

Please share your Experiment with Affirmations in the comments below!

all the best,


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