Today I have a neat story to share that happened while I was getting a massage.

I was talking with the therapist about a challenge that I was working on at that time.

photo credit: niallkennedy via photopin cc

photo credit: niallkennedy via photopin cc

We bantered around some ideas.

  • Some of those ideas had merit
  • Some were not serious at all

However, towards the end of the session, the therapist made a comment that gave me something totally new to think about!

The coment was,

your biggest challenge will be next year and what you will do for your christmas party.

This of course was based on the assumption that I would be successful in my challenge.

It was totally fascinating!

It challenged me to look at the challenge as already completed, not something to work through!

Just by staying open, I was able to receive a new insight from that massage!

It is something to think about, and for me to act upon!.

Do you have your own story to share about an insight you got while interacting with other people?

Please share your Insight story in the comments below!

all the best,


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