I am wonderful!

the wonder of a seasonal light display

the wonder of a seasonal light display

It is fascinating how different people respond when I say “I am wonderful!” especially in response to the question “How are you?”

At work, my supervisors and managers love the response and often respond back “Yes you are!”

Co-workers tend to have a different reaction.

Some will say that I am lying, others will say that I will get over it. Generally, my co-workers scoff at my cheerful response.

Recently during a conversation at work with one of my co-workers and a supervisor I took the opportunity to explain further that it is a choice.

I have lived the other way but I choose to be wonderful.

  • It is a choice I have made.
  • It is a choice I make daily.

Yes, I have lived the other way grumbling and complaining. During that time life was full of situations to grumble and complain about.

Now, I choose to be wonderful and life is full of wonder!

toddler exploring the world

toddler exploring the world

The wonder of life could be a simple as the vibrant red glow of the sunset on winters day.

It could be taking a drive and enjoying a wonderful seasonal light display.

Or, it could be watching a toddler crawling around the floor at a reception and then stopping to play with the buckle on a lady’s shoe — while the shoe is still on the lady’s foot!

There is wonder all around.

Life is full of wonder and I am wonderful.

What is the choice you make for your life?

Something to think about.

All the best,



I am wonderful — 2 Comments

  1. I love your explanation and it is very true it is a choice that each individual make on a daily basis to be either be positive or negative about anything or everything.
    I recommend that you try your best to look for the good in every situation rather than looking at the negative.
    Have a Blessed Christmas everyone.
    Thank you.

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