What is it like to follow your intuition?

I had an experience with that about 5 years ago.

Statue of Liberty on overcast day

Statue of Liberty on overcast day

I was going to a camp in lower New York State in the Catskills Mountain range.

To get there,  I travelled down a day early and spent the night in a hotel just across the border from New York in the state of New Jersey.

While I was in the hotel,  I realized how close I was to New York City,  and that I have never been there before.

So in the morning,  before heading to the camp I was to spend the week at,  I spontaneously decided to go see the Statue of Liberty!

I got some basic directions and started out.

With that little bit of info,  I was able to find my way into New York City and then to Lower Manhatten,  then down to Battery Park.

All the time I just knew that this was the right way to go.

I did this all  without any maps or any other directions.  It was all done by following some internal nudges.

Statue of Liberty on overcast day

Statue of Liberty on overcast day

The day was a bit foggy and very overcast,  but the fog had lifted enough that I could see the Statue of Liberty from the park.

It was just a neat experience.

Spent a few moments  and took a few photos before leaving.

Without a map,  just following the nudges,  found my way out of the city.

After I got out of the city and back on the open highway,  I drove into a heavy rainstorm.

From there,  through the rain,  I was able to find my way to the camp.

For this part of the drive,  I did have maps because this was planned out ahead of time.

It was really a neat experience.

It is not normal for me to take a drive that is not mapped out.

But to do so and not get lost,  but to feel guided all the way — it was totally amazing!

Camp Photo

Camp Photo!

If you have ever had an experience of your own where you have followed your intuition,  please share it as a comment below.

I wish you all the best,



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