Dartboard planning — 6 Comments

  1. Hi Derrall,

    I am not of a big planer to begin with, I do some planning if it is necessary but that’s it. I usually get overwhelmed when I have to plan a big thing like a Birthday party and such. I usually like doing things myself, but sometimes you need outside help and that on its own can be a challenge too.
    I like to envision things or should I say parts of my life, and it will unfold in time. I do take some actions now and then, but I am rather lay back and observe what will happen.
    I know, certainly not everyone’s liking.
    Great post though!! πŸ™‚

    • thank you for your kind words Sylvia

      sounds like you do some planning, more like mental picturing, just not sketching it out on paper

      you may find that writting it out — putting it down on paper will help to clarify the thoughts

      all the best in all you do!

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    • thank you for your kind words Loes

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      all the best as you move into the next stage of you life!

  3. Hello Derrall,

    I think planning includes all the things you are doing preparing to play darts. You are preparing to spend quality time with people in your life you care about most. What could be better? Watching a movie or TV program? I think not..
    Its always good to write things down, pray over/about it, tell a good friend who will help you stay accountable, and then start doing it!


    • Thank you for your kind words Eiress,

      It is so true that interaction with real live people is good, as opposed to the social media that is the current fad.

      absolutely, writing things down and getting clear is a necessary part of planning

      all the best in all you do!