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The new 582 powered Light Sport E and X Series models greatly surpass older 503 powered Challenger II models in performance and fuel economy plus set a new standard in reliability. Challenger Light Sports are even a generation beyond earlier 582 powered Challenger II models in ease of handling, enhanced accessibility, greater utility and numerous other attributes.

Complete information on the Challenger E Series and X Series models is in the special Light Sport section of our web site. This section details the many improvements incorporated in the new Light Sport aircraft which have replaced the original Challenger II models.

==> Challenger Light Sports

In this section there are side by side comparisons of the E and X Series facts and figures on specs and performance as well as the standard and optional features:

==> EL65 vs XL65 Overview

==> EL65 vs XL65 Features

The new 2016 Canadian Dollar Pricing Program guarantees a 0.88 US exchange rate! It is described here:

==> Canadian Dollar Pricing

The current Canadian price list is online here:

==> Canadian Price List

Challengers are manufactured as quick-build kits targeted at people who have no previous experience building airplanes. The process is one of assembling rather than building.

Anything that requires a high degree of accuracy or special skills or exotic tools is done at the factory. The kit does come with everything you will need except paint. No fabrication is required.

The kit and the assembly process are described on our web site. There is a sample of the documentation available via a link in the subsection on Assembly below:

==> Challenger Airframe

Whew – that’s a lot of info! For a change of pace perhaps head back to our online Challenger Cinema:

==> Challenger Cinema

Enjoy! Let me know by email or phone if you have any questions or if you would like to discuss any aspect of the Challenger in more detail.

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