I love watching nature in all its many forms. That is one reason there is a birdfeeder in my backyard.

One of the many species of birds that regularly visits the birdfeeder is a cardinal.

This cardinal is a greedy little bird. When it comes to the birdfeeder, it chases away all the other birds.

After some time, was finally able to get a video of my feathered friend in action.

It was entertaining to watch as the cardinal swept from one side of the perch to the other chasing away the other birds.

It was so busy chasing away other birds that it did not have time to enjoy — to eat from the birdseed itself — the abundance that was right there.

Got thinking about myself.

How much am I like that cardinal?

How much time do I spend chasing away perceived threats and at the same time missing out on the abundance that is right in front of me?

Just something to think about.

Your comments are always welcome.

All the best,

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