About FiftyPlusFreedom

Kate (his wife) and Derrall enjoying a sunset cruise

Kate (his wife) & Derrall
enjoying a sunset cruise

This website — FiftyPlusFreedom — is a collection of worthwhile articles and miscellaneous musings in the broad area of Personal Development and Self Help.

The articles are often presented in the 1st person, with Derrall speaking directly from his heart.

All of the content is intended to be both informative and motivational.

Comments are always welcome and sharing is encouraged.

About Derrall

Derrall became a serious student of Personal Development starting in 2006.

Since that time he has:

  • attended live seminars, teleseminars, webinars.
  • collected books, CD’s, mp3’s, pdf’s and videos.
  • enrolled in coaching programs.

As he likes to say “Some of it may have even sunk in!

Working on the principle that you learn best by teaching, Derrall is now looking for ways to share what he has learned with others.

I am not there yet, I am just not where I used to be.

My hope is that in some way I can reach out and help others along the way, even as I continue to move forward myself.

Derrall invites you to join him on the journey.

Please share About You in the comments below!

all the best,



About Derrall — 8 Comments

  1. Hi Derrall! –

    Thank you – thank you!

    For giving me my first ‘lollipop’ – moment! 🙂

    I love your Website – I can see it has taken you many hours!

    Let me tell you – I am sure it has been time well spent!

    Take care of yourself Derrall – it’s a jungle out there!;)

    Kindest regards

    David Knight

    And remember Rome wasn’t built in a day…but they were laying bricks everyday!

  2. Wow very good job with your site. The pictures load a little slow but the place looks great. Is that a stock photo or is the Vermont or upstate New York by any chance. Again great job.

    • thank you Stephen,

      interesting about the load speed, maybe something to work on

      all photos are credited, my own photos are mixed in with comments where appropriate

      the header image is from Lake Muskoka in Ontario

      all the best,

  3. Yes at this age we have had a lot of experiences to share so if we can share these with others and can learn from these experiences I feel that it can benefit others and from what your video projects and what I have read you can help others with your website. I will look forward to following your journey and sharing some of my experiences all the best David

    • Thank you for your kind words David,

      It is a constant learning experience and an exciting journey that we are on!

      looking forward to hearing from you as we move forward!

      all the best,

  4. What a nice job. You should be celebrating by creating your about you video. Wishing you success in WA. Good luck.

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