Jim Elliot by gregchapin

I am reading a book right now that is a living example of “A Life of Passion.”

The book is a complilation of the writings of a christian missionary who was killed (as a martyr) in Ecuador on 8 January 1956.

Jim Elliot, whose life and testament was put into book form by his wife, was a man possessed.

He was born and raised in a family that did more than just attend church.  His family actually lived their christian faith.

He was not content with a mediocre life.  He had passion for his faith.

From an early age he kept a journal, which he shared with only one person, a young lady he met at college who shared his passion.

Even before he went to college, his expressed desire, as recorded in his journal and in letters to friends and family, was to emulate the life of and die for the one he followed — that being Jesus of Nazareth.

Ultimately that is what happened.

Bob Proctor regularly asks the question,
what are you willing to trade your life for?

For Jim Elliot, it was to share his faith with those who had never been reached before.

His death opened the way for the fulfillment of his desire.

His life was complete.

Please share your comments below about living A Life of Passion!

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