That’s it – I’ve had it

Have you ever said, “That’s it – I’ve had it!

Snow piling up in my backyard

Snow piling up in my backyard

For me, it was my winter footwear. I used to have 2 pair of winter boots, neither of which kept my feet either warm or dry.

After 3 straight days of steady snowfall, with the snow piling up, there was no way to avoid having to go out outside without getting my feet cold and wet — which is not very comfortable and certainly not very healthy.


I had it — that was enough.

Time to get new boots.

First step was to check out some online reviews of various boots. Then it was time to head out to a respected store.

At the store I tried on a couple of pairs of boots that ranked well from my research. They were O.K.. They fit and felt O.K. on my feet, but they were not great.

Then the sales clerk presented me with a 3rd pair of boots.

Immediately they felt natural — they were a great comfortable fit.

I was sold and wore them out of the store.

As of this writing, it is 3 days since that purchase, the snowfall has finally tapered off and there have been multiple opportunities to try the boots out in the cold.

The result — confirmation that I made the right choice — my feet are staying warm and most importantly they are staying dry!

This experience lead me to a probing question,

What else in my life am I just putting up with?

Old Boot - New Boot

Old Boot – New Boot

For a long time I was putting up with 2 pairs of boots that were unsatisfactory.

One pair had a visible rip in the canvas uppers, so it was obvious where the cold air and melting snow were getting in.

The other pair of boots was not so obvious how the moisture was getting in, but the evidence was in the felt liners that had to be dried out after every use and in my cold and wet feet.


I just tolerated it — I put up with it.

This year has not be a sever winter in my part of the country until just recently.

Finally, I was forced into making a choice — do I continue to tolerate cold wet feet or do I make a change.

Back to the question, what else in my life am I just tolerating?

What other changes could result in dramatic improvements in my life?

What about your life?

What is it that you are simply putting up with — tolerating?

Maybe is feels safe and comfortable but you do not have to go on that way.

Are you ready to say, “That’s it – I’ve had it!” and then make a change for the better?

Just something to think about,

All the best,

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