The Obstacle IS The Gift

Gifts under a decorated tree

When we think of a gift, we tend to think of a brightly covered package wrapped up with ribbon and bow.

The gift is often given in bright and cheery moments.

Although this is a very pleasant experience that is easily enjoyed, it is not the way life works.

In life, the obstacle is the gift.

It is those times when things just do not go right that the gift may be hiding just out of sight.

For the average person, almost any obstacle will stop them.

However, if you turn that obstacle into an opportunity, you will find the gift.

Consider the month of December.

lights in the backyard

It is the time of year when the days are getting shorter, the weather is turning colder, and the skies are becoming increasingly overcast. Winter is fast approaching.

As a society we have taken that obstacle and turned it into a festive atmosphere. We decorate and light up trees and houses. We tell stories and sing songs about this festive season. Many cultures even include a tradition of gift giving at this time of year.

Think about it, even though December does turn dark and dreary, we decorate and celebrate.

In other words, we as a society have learned to turn an obstacle (a dark and dreary season) into a gift (a time to decorate and celebrate)!

So when it seems like nothing is going right, when things are not working out as would be desired

  1. stop for a moment
  2. take a deep breath
  3. and then ask, what is the gift in this?

There will always be challenges — there will always be obstacles.

The trick is to learn how to recognize that the obstacle is the gift!

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